The Future Of Decentralized Trading

Cops Finance is a community-led decentralized platform built on blockchain technology that offers a wide range of DeFi solutions on a single platform.

About Cops Finance

Cops Finance is a decentralized platform that was created on the Ethereum network & is a utility token that can be used to create NFTs. Cops Finance vision for NFTs are to utilize them in a multifaceted way & you can create your own NFTs using our ecosystem.



Intuitive Protocol

Highest level of security and convenience.

Engaging Users

An interactive & ever evolving community.

Reward System

An ecosystem that facilitates overall growth.

Smart Contracts

A self-compliant and foolproof smart contract.


Cops Finance DEX

The CopSwap DEX will be a fork of Uniswap with innovative new features. Although fundamentally based on Uniswap, CopSwap will be developed in line with the Cops Finance protocols.

  • Answers to problem

    CopSwap will be an answer to the many problems that have been plaguing the DeFi industry.

  • Trade with ease

    With CopSwap, users will be able to trade assets and invest with absolute peace of mind.

Protocol Governance

Cops Finance has open & democratic on-chain governance infrastructure. This is used to upgrade or improve the protocol as the community see's fit. In addition to the protocol level governance, the received funds can be used for various activities outside of protocol upgrades. You can vote on or propose via off-chain governance platform.
Cops Finance will launch exclusive NFTs that will grant access to NFTs directly from the world’s biggest names in industry. To access the exclusive NFTs, one must hold the access token available through Uniswap.
For detailed Information please read our White Paper
Cops Finance - Whitepaper


  • Launchpad

    The Cops Finance Launchpad will promote up and coming projects that wish to contribute legitimate services to the crypto space by helping to build their token platform.

  • NFTs (Non-fungible tokens)

    The value of utility tokens is limited to the platform and they do not represent an actual tangible asset. To solve this dilemma, Cops Finance introduces NFTs to the platform.

  • Users first

    Cops Finance works under the principle of participation and users' opinions matter, their choices reflect in the governance of the ecosystem and value of the native token.

  • Transparency & Privacy

    Transparency and privacy are at the core of Cops Finance vision. As technologies evolve users are offered with new layers of sophistication with each passing day.

  • Accredited Auditing

    In the age of rising crypto scams and hoaxes, we are committed and all our protocols, smart contracts are carefully scrutinized by an accredited auditing firm.

  • Verifiable by community

    In addition to auditing, we also ensure enhanced security by making corresponding addresses public so that the Cops Finance community can verify the authenticity.

  • Embracing The Best

    Cops Finance follows a scalable structure that will embrace the best practices in the industry and constantly upgrade its tools and modules for the growth of the community & native token.

Cops finance is not about taking from the larger community, It’s about giving it back.

More Access And More Rewards.

Robust system ensures the superiority of the platform

Since smart contracts are self complying in nature, there is no room for price manipulation or faked trading volume through wash trading.


Supported wallet on Cops Finance ecosystem

Users need to connect their digital crypto wallets to Uniswap protocol (and later CopSwap protocol) to use farming and staking services. CopSwap will support selected digital wallets that run on the Ethereum ecosystem which can hold assets like Ether (ETH), ERC20 tokens, and collectibles/NFTs.

Native wallet will also be launched for ease & convenience.

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